Thursday, November 29, 2012

20 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

It's a funny thing: when you don't blog for months and months, blogger up and changes the whole blogging format and layout on you. I'm not even 100% sure this is my blog at this point! Who knows!

I'm suddenly in the holiday spirit. This could be due to the weather (cold, windy, rainy and grey) or it could be due to the fact that finally, after years and years of going without, we have an actual working fireplace in our house. One that burns wood. Environmentally sound? No. Cozy and seasonal? Yes. I'll take it. In any case, bring on the holiday cheer. It's all apple cider spiked with bourbon, hot chocolate and roasted turkey around here.

Every blog on the planet has posted a holiday gift guide, so I thought, why not join in? I've seen quite a few things in the past couple of weeks that I thought would make great gifts for loved ones, and lord knows we could all use some help in the ideas department, so here's my list:

1. Instagram Frames - $30+ - Hey! Wouldn't it be great if you could frame your best instagram photos? Wouldn't be even better if you could just sync your instagram feed, select which photos to frame, chose the frame and have someone ship it straight to you in about a week for a really great price? The geniuses at Hatchcraft have this all figured out. A really great personal gift, and the process couldn't be easier

2. Gold Porcelain Clouds - $36-$66 - I've got a thing for interesting objects. I place them around the house to add some quirky dimension here and there. I love these gold porcelain clouds, they would add a whimsical touch in any room. They look great hung on a wall, placed on a table top, or used as a paperweight. 

3. Fouta's (Turkish Bath Towels) - $20 each - We recently switched from terry cloth towels to Foutas in our house, and we love them. They're light, and beautifully woven, and they're incredibly absorbant. They just feel luxurious, and they look so much nicer than regular towels in the bathroom. They come in all colors and patterns. These ones from ABC Carpet & Home are lovely.

4. DODO Case for an iPad - $60+ at JCrew - We all have a tech geek in our life that we love, but I find that they can sometimes be difficult to shop for. They often buy themselves everything they want. This case is a great find. They're protective, functional and attractive. They even have a hole in the case for the camera, so you don't have to take your iPad out of the case to take a picture. JCrew currently has a large selection of these on sale in quite a few colors. 

5. Beautiful Cloth Napkins - $32 for set of 4 - I saw a picture of these napkins that are sold on Etsy on Apartment Therapy recently and fell in love. Such a gorgeous pattern. You can find cloth napkins in every color on Etsy. They'd be an instant upgrade to any dining room table.

6. Elderflower Cordial - $15 at Terrain - Have you ever had St. Germain? It's a liquor made of elderflower blossoms, sometimes used in cocktails, often cocktails with gin. It's divine. For a non-alcoholic version, there's Elderflower cordial, which is terrific when you add just a little bit to sparking water. So good, and such a beautiful bottle. It's a great addition to a home bar set.

7. Herringbone Necklace from Bario-Neal - $108 - How gorgeous is this Herringbone necklace? It made my jaw practically drop when I saw it. Don't you think it would make a spectacular gift for some lovely lady in your life? Hint, hint.

8. Star Wars Poster - $40 on Etsy - We all have a Star Wars lover in our life. In fact, I've got about 8 of them just in my family alone. This Star Wars inspired alphabet poster is so clever. I think it would look great in my college nephew's new house.

9. Custom Print - $21 from Society6 - Have you heard of Society6? It's a website that sells the creations of artists from around the world. I bought my iPhone case from them, and they have a ton of beautiful prints, cases, t-shirts, etc. This is a beautiful print by Cassia Beck. I love how colorful and fun it is. It would look great on the wall!

10. Viking Ship Mobile - $52 from Acorn, a Brooklyn Toy Shop - I adore this Viking Ship Mobile from Acorn Toys. It would look so cute in a nursery, or simply hanging in your room. Acorn has a large selection of beautiful mobiles.

11. Gold Giraffe - $35 from Dwell Studios - Once again, I'm a sucker for shiny but tasteful knick-knacks around the house, and I love this elegant gold giraffe from Dwell. It would make a great bookend, and it would look beautiful on the mantle.

12. Pop Art Movie Poster - $30 on Etsy - Who wouldn't love a framed copy of their favorite movie poster re-imagined in such an eye-catching way? I love the Ferris Buller poster. The Goonies and Back to the Future are just two more of many that I can see hanging on the wall.

13. Ceramic Glow-bowls from Diana Fayt - $95 for a set of 7 on Etsy - I've had my eye on these for years, and if they don't show up under my tree, I just may pull the trigger on my own. I love beautiful ceramic pieces, and these would make an incredible statement.

14. Beer Making Kit - $40+ at Brooklyn Brew Shop - Perhaps you, like me, have an aspiring Brew Master in your life. You might want to check out the kits at Brooklyn Brew shop. For a full self-starting kit, you can easily spend over $200, but to just get someone started, or add to their collection, check out these starter kits. I've got my eye on the Coffee & Donut Stout...

15. Goodly Whale Bottle Opener - $24 at BHLDN - You'll need something to crack open that freshly brewed bottle of beer. Why not use this adorable whale bottle opener from BHLDN? It's so cute, you'll want to display it even when it's not in use.

16. Bud Vase from Heath Ceramics - $25 at Heath - There's nothing that Heath creates that I don't love. I never get tired of their beautiful and functional pieces. I can't get enough of these bud vases, and I think they make a great gift. Currently housing two on my mantel...I love this soft red color.

17. Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera - Starts at $249 - Looking to splurge? I can't think of a better gift than this Polaroid instant camera. Nothing beats the instant nature of the polaroid. Truly the gift that just keeps giving.

18. Coral Herringbone Throw - $250 from Serena and Lily - If you're still feeling flush, check out this gorgeous throw from Serena and Lily. I can't seem to get enough of the herringbone pattern these days, and this throw looks as cozy as it is beautiful.

19. St. Helena Global Salt Trio - $25 from Terrain - I love this trio of fancy salts: Black, Pink and Grey.  They come in these lovely weck jars, which can be repurposed once the salts have been used up. A great gift for the chef in your life.

20. Handmade BBQ Sauce Pack - Homemade, Idea from DesignMom Blog - Check out this great DIY from DesignMom Blog: make your own BBQ pack! This was originally a Father's Day gift idea, but it would make a great holiday gift as well. Just set aside an afternoon to whip up the rub and sauce, and pack it together with a basting brush and maybe a few other things in some cute packaging. Such a great idea.

Whew! You're probably out of money now, but at least you've got some great gifts for everyone on your list!