Thursday, June 11, 2009

G & T

I have a confession to make. I haven't cooked in days. Last night's dinner consisted of a bowl of quinoa and popcorn for dessert. I hope to remedy this situation tonight.

I have some good excuses for my lack of kitchen time. One involving Neko Case at the Warfield, the other including theatre tickets with friends and finally, a dinner and cocktail paring at Camino in Oakland. Many thanks to Elisa for inviting me!

The event was co-hosted by Leopold Bros, a small batch distillery based in Colorado. The cocktails were flowing at the bar, by the time I arrived it was packed, but we managed to score tastes of the following:

*Moonraker Cocktail ~ Savoy Cocktail Book
Leopold's Peach Whiskey, Osocalis Brandy, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Leopold's Absinthe

*The Delicious Sour ~ Ted Haigh, Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails
Leopold's Peach whiskey, Lemorton Calvados, Lime, Small Hands Gum Syrup, Egg White

*Opalescence Cocktail ~ Boothby's Cocktail Book
Leopold's Gin, Lemon, Leopold's Cherry Liqueur, Mint, Cream

*Camino Gin Cocktail ~ Camino, Oakland
Leopold's Gin, Spatlese Riesling, House-made peach and hibiscus bitters

Onto dinner, served family style at the giant wooden communal tables:

*Paella cooked in the fireplace with chicken, peas, fava and romano beans

*Grilled spicy pork sausages

*Little Gem lettuces with lemon and herbs

*Walnut meringues with pluots and cream

*assorted cookie plates, candies and Leopold's Liqueurs
(boysenberry, peach, cranberry, cherry, sour apple)

Rough right? It was delicious. I was especially partial to the Gin Cocktail and the meringues.

Lauren and I have been having an argument about gin. I bought a bottle of Hendrick's while she was here to try out a new recipe. She then asked me if my bones were starting to creak, as gin is an old person's drink. I don't think she could possibly hold to that statement after trying the above. Apparently gin has gone out of style in LA (just another reason I refuse to move South.) Personally, I prefer gin cocktails, but it does depend on the gin. I normally stick to Hendricks (Tanquerey in a pinch) but I was impressed with Leopold's. Not too grassy or piney, just very smooth. Perfect in a cocktail.

No gin. Now that's rough.

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