Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Much Needed Vacation

Well hello there.

Have you given up on me? Assume I'm out of recipes and no longer cook? I can assure you, that's not the case. I just slipped out for a little vacation. Up to Ashland, Oregon for some wine tasting, bike riding, theatre and fantastic food. That sleepy little town was anything but boring, let me tell you. We had quite a scare due to a large fire in the South part of town while we were there. It came about 20 yards from the winery I worked at in college, the one we tasted at after a long bike ride. Luckily it was contained pretty quickly, it definitely had the whole town worked up.

Some highlights:

Wine from Weisinger's Winery
The Petit Sirloin Steak at Omar's (best steak ever!)
Sushi at Kobe Sushi
Breakfasts at Morninglory, Dragonfly and the Breadboard
a quick sandwich from Allison's of Ashland
a couple pints from the Beau Club and Standing Stone Brewery

I think we covered the town pretty well! It was a much needed vacation and I'll be back tomorrow with more details and a recipe, stand by!

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