Sunday, November 1, 2009

All's Quiet...

It's been very quiet in here lately. No one is at home. Well, not at home by a decent hour that is. The truth is, I'm hardly cooking at all. While I do have my first batch of sourdough bread nearly ready to go, I can't seem to keep anything else together. I went to the store tonight, planning on getting all the ingredients for a chicken soup with ginger to make late tomorrow night. I came back with about half of what I needed. The necessary chicken broth and celery (among other things) never even made it into the cart. I'm a scatterbrained mess who luckily has had the good sense to make friends with people who can cook, and are happily willing to do so (especially when it's Mad Men night) thanks Amber!

This week, it will continue to be quiet. My show opens on Friday and I'll be at the theatre late every night until Sunday. In the meantime, I did a very short piece for Alameda Magazine on St. George Spirits and Hangar One Vodka. You can read it here. If you haven't taken the tour there yet, I highly recommend it.

And since I have very little of either brain or will power, I would happily take any and all recommendations for extremely quick and easy late night meals. Preferably something portable to take with me to rehearsal. There are only so many turkey and PB&J sandwiches a girl can take in one week. Thoughts? Indulge me.

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