Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lines are Open

Still sick my friends, and quite tired of it as you can imagine. And it's not just me, this evil plague has spread amongst my group of friends like...well..the plague. Brian hypothesizes that he and I picked it up from our friend Amy whilst sharing the mic at a late and lengthy session of Karaoke in Japantown last week (where I gave rousing, throat damaging renditions of Journey's Separate Ways, Since U Been Gone and a duet of These Eyes by The Guess Who with Brian) and while singing a Kelly Clarkson tune that you didn't even realize you knew can do wonders for your spirits, I am still paying the price.

And so I am without a recipe for today. With little appetite my menu's for the week have been terrifically meager. A leftover biscuit here, tea and popcorn there. I did get out to San Francisco for a bit yesterday with Eric. We stopped at the Monk's Kettle for a beer (I know I know, but it did feel good on the throat!) and an asparagus and prosciutto salad and then headed to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the De Young. Later we ate a taco from a Mission taqueria while we waited in line for Mortified at The Makeout Room. It was a lovely day, but I am now spending another day inside (while it's 80 degrees out! Sob.) recovering...slowly.

In the meantime, I have plans to redecorate this space and I'm compiling a list of recipes to try. So if you have any requests, the lines are open! I promise to get back to work this week!

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